Famous People with Diabetes

Something that has always irritated me is how people with diabetes who happen to be famous don’t talk about diabetes enough in my opinion. I feel like if I had the power to inform millions more people about diabetes I definitely would. I see misinformation as one of the biggest problems facing diabetics. It also impedes efforts to raise money for research, support, and education.

Therefore I have decided to share my thoughts on a few celebrities and how they talk about diabetes. I’ve included videos as examples of how I’ve derived my opinions.

Jay Cutler

I think Jay has done a great job talking about diabetes. Being newly diagnosed, he’s a great spokesperson for other newly diagnosed diabetics. He often talks about what it felt like before and after the diagnosis as well as what it’s like to play professional football with diabetes. He is truly a great role model and spokesperson for people with diabetes.

Nick Jonas

Nick has become a great asset to the diabetes community! He has been able to reach millions of young people who previously knew very little about diabetes if anything at all. I have actually seen little girls out in public wearing t-shirts in support of Nick Jonas and his diabetes. Every single night he includes diabetes in his shows and talks about the trials and tribulations of living with diabetes on the road. He discusses how tough it is but how it doesn’t control his life. They even sell those previously mentioned shirts at their concerts with proceeds benefiting diabetes charities. I personally am not a Jonas Brothers fan, but I am SO excited about Nick Jonas!

Elliot Yamin

Another one of my favorites. I think of all the diabetic celebrities (with the exception maybe of Mary Tyler Moore) he does the most! He is usually in attendance at the JDRF gala here in Central Virginia, and I’ve seen video of him doing the LA walk.
I remember when he was on American Idol and him and his mother talking about diabetes. He even wore one of those silicone diabetes bracelets every show. I even have a World Diabetes Day pin that was given to me by a friend who bought it at an Elliot Yamin concert. I absolutely love what he is doing.

Bret Michaels

Oh Bret… There is so much I could say… I know for a fact that he can properly pronounce the world “diabetes” so I have NO idea why he keeps saying “die-uh-beet-us”. He always seems like he is proud to be a diabetic, but it always seems like just a weird act. I can’t say I’m a huge Rock of Love fan, but I did watch the first season and most of the second. I only remember one episode where he truly addressed his diabetes. It was the very last one. He was with the one girl and he went low in a go-cart. And it was kind of funny to watch because you could tell by the look on his face that he was low. But that was the good part. There was also a scene where he’s sitting at a table for dinner with a girl and he says “If I pass out, just shove this in my a**” and put a glucagon package on the table. It made me scream at the TV. I do give Bret credit for not just giving money to big diabetes organizations but also helping fund camperships so diabetic kids can go to camp. It’s a cause near and dear to my heart as I know it is with Bret. But still, some of the junk he says just doesn’t make any sense and he frustrates me to an incredible degree.

Halle Berry

NO ONE MAKES ME ANGRIER THAN HALLE BERRY! Even before this video I used to get so upset when she’d speak. She cries about being a black woman but never even mentions she has type one diabetes until she claims she got rid of if. This video just made it exponentially worse. Besides her claiming to get rid of her type one diabetes, she says that she thinks she had it as a kid and went diagnosed. Halle clearly has never met a child who has gone “undiagnosed” for a very long time. I had a kid at a camp event who had gone TWO YEARS with symptoms of diabetes and was nearly in a coma. You don’t go any longer than that without being diagnosed or going into a coma and dying. She clearly has NO idea what she is talking about. I don’t know what exactly her situation is, but I DO know that she is not and never was a type one diabetic.

Whew. Ok. Sorry I tend to rant when it comes to Bret Michaels and Halle Berry. Does anyone else have opinions on these celebrities? Or other diabetic celebrities? I know I didn’t include Mary or most of the type two celebrities you see in commercials all the time. But these are the ones that pop into my little head the most.


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