Bedtime can be a nightmare

Lately (and by lately I mean for the past year and a half) my biggest problem with my blood sugars has been at bedtime. Last August I had a scary one. This was before Jeff and I were married and I was living at my parents house in PA. I apparently went incredibly low sometime in the early morning. I also apparently had conversations with my younger brother (who was unable to realize I was low at first) but I don’t remember anything until I came-to in the hallway outside my room with my dad standing over me pouring Coke in my mouth. It’s so incredibly scary when this happens! But it makes me glad that I’ve never had to live alone.

That morning my mom called me to ask me a question (I of course was still in bed). She thought I sounded funny and was worried (she’s my mom) that this was more than sleepiness so she called my brother. He came in and said something to me and I responded so he told her that I was fine. She still didn’t think I was fine so told him to go in again. He tossed me a little tube of glucose tabs which apparently made me angry. My brother apparently started to realize something was up. So my mom called my dad because he was able to get home quicker. When I was finally conscious I learned that he had put that gross gluco-gel stuff in my mouth which made me cry (which I found funny after the fact since we always joke at camp about how nasty it tastes). I also was apparently fighting him and he had to restrain me to treat me. Needless to say it was an incredibly bad low. I’ve only had a few like this before but this is probably the worst I’ve had since going on the pump 10 years ago.

So, that’s how I finally realized I was having lows in the middle of the night. Since then, I have NOT been able to get my overnights under control. I have gone to the doctor many times since then and even switched doctors. I’ve changed basal rates and they work for a couple weeks and then I just start dropping again. I don’t understand it all.

The reason for this post today is because for the past week and a half I’ve been using the basal pattern that I use for certain times of the month when my blood sugars tend to be lower even though it isn’t actually the time to use it. I keep dropping. I don’t feel comfortable going to bed unless my BG is in the 200s. Which really isn’t good in the long run, but I’m just so afraid of dropping in the middle of the night.

Last night I checked about an hour before bed and I was 130. I ate a pack of crackers. An hour later, I was still 130. Whaaaaat? So I set my basal rate back to 75%. And I woke up 250! UGH!!

In conclusion, I absolutely HATE bed time. It’s so stressful for me and makes it hard to sleep and hard to have decent blood sugars.


3 Responses to Bedtime can be a nightmare

  1. Sanda Miller says:


    Have you been more physically active lately? That always sends Joseph’s overnight bgs plummeting.

    You know, this is my nightmare– that at some point Joseph will live alone and experience exactly what you describe here.

    Every night since he was diagnosed, my husband and I have checked Joseph’s blood sugar every 2-3 hours.
    We’ve caught too many lows not to do this.

    I wish I could say something more encouraging, or give you some good advice, but again– you’ve struck a chord.

    Take care,

    – Sandra

    • cgstrauch says:


      I actually think I’ve been LESS active lately. It’s very strange. But I know this was always one of my mom’s biggest fears too. She created the term “vampire check” because she’d check me while I was sleeping. I definitely credit my survival to her persistence! Is Joseph on CGM? That’s really my next step to fixing this problem. I’ve just started working with the doc to get on it.

      ❤ Colleen

  2. Sanda Miller says:

    No, Joseph is not yet on a CGM. He’s using the Animas pump (which doesn’t yet have a pump/CGM combo option — though it’s supposed to be available within the next year).

    Right now, his only option would be to wear yet another device, and he’s just not keen on that idea. (Sigh)

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