A little bit of happiness

As diabetics we often talk about how people “just don’t understand” and generally when we say this we are talking about negative things. Whether it’s our ability to consume sugar, our frustrations with numbers, or dealing with concealing a pump in a sundress, we always talk about how “nons” just don’t seem to understand what we all have to go through.

This week I’ve been thinking about something POSITIVE that non-diabetics don’t understand. The sheer joy of finding an awesome new infusion site! A few days ago when I changed my set, I noticed this nice little fleshy spot near my hip. Usually, I hate doing it near my hip because I have this weird fear of it hurting more because of the bone. However, I found this nice spot just far enough away that it felt ok to insert.

I also usually hate putting it near the waistline. There is nothing worse than accidentally pulling out your site when you’re getting dressed, going to the bathroom, buckling your seat belt, or any other various reasons to have things moving around in that area. It’s especially frustrating when you don’t know that the cannula has pulled out, until you are puking from extremely high blood sugar. This spot, as you can see the picture, sits nicely above the waistline of my jeans and therefore does not come with the risk of being pulled out.

One more thing that you have to consider in this area is whether it’s going to get bumped a lot. These situations can occur also when changing or going to the bathroom but can also happen when sitting in the chair or sleeping in different positions. Again, this site is perfectly in between my hip and my back area that it doesn’t get bumped at all. In fact, I keep forgetting that it’s even there!

I’m glad I could share a very happy post with you today! I found an awesome infusion site! And I’m excited to use it on the other side of my body when I change it tomorrow! Woohoo!


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