Overnight success!

Last night was awesome! When I went to bed my BG was 130. My first thought was “UGH! Not again!” But Jeff and I discussed it (we do this often, it helps me to bounce ideas off of him) and I decided to try a temp basal but not cut it back as much as I did the other night. I set it for 80%. Jeff checked me around 7am (because he’s just that amazing) and I was 132. Hurray! I got up a few hours later and was 131! Success!! I don’t know why this miraculously worked or if it will work again, but I’m certainly going to try!

I think one of the best advantages of using a pump over a long acting insulin like Lantus or Levemir is the ability to set a temp basal! I LOVE how I can just set my basal back to a certain percentage if I need to. It keeps me from having to eat at bedtimes sometimes and also prevents me from having to eat before exercising. I just love having the CHOICE of eating or not! It’s something I think a lot of “nons” don’t understand. Sometimes when I’m really sleepy and curled up in bed, I really don’t want to have to go scrounge up a pack of crackers to eat because then I’m not going to be able to sleep as well. I always hate eating before exercising a whole lot too. It makes me feel all icky.

Temp basals are amazing! And I really hope it works again tonight. If it does, I may need to look into making some permanent  basal adjustments.

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