There hasn’t been much diabetes excitement for me today. My BG was a little high this morning but a correction bolus fixed that up for the rest of the day. In other news, Jeff had a fever yesterday. We were supposed to drive home today but the doc gave him antibiotics for a sinus infection. Therefore, we are leaving tomorrow instead. I’m anxious to go home and see my family.

So… I thought I’d share some awesome diabetes related videos with you today! What can I say? I love YouTube!

This first story is simply amazing. I can’t even begin to think about what this lady went through! She is unbelievably amazing! This video is from dLife. If any diabetic reading this doesn’t know what dLife is please check it out! It’s very cool!

The next one is a two-parter. I just thought it was so cool to hear Dr. Best talk about diabetes. I’ve always read about him and Dr. Banting but I didn’t even know video footage existed! I do think, however, that he’s stretching the truth a few things in there. At least that’s what I think from reading Michael Bliss’s The Discovery of Insulin. The patient in the interview is really cool though. It’s interesting to hear where they thought diabetes treatment was heading.

I posted this one on Facebook the other day, but I just want to make sure everyone I know watches it because it’s just too freaking adorable.

I hope you enjoyed those. And just a reminder. You can add this blog on Facebook to get updates!


One Response to Videos!

  1. Erin says:

    Thank you for sharing the videos. I was so inspired by the one about Eva Saxl – how amazing! Looking forward to reading future posts! 🙂

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