I’m back!

Soooo I took a little bit of a blogging hiatus over the holidays. The past month and half has been a bit hectic. We’ve been back and forth between Virginia and Pennsylvania. We got a new kitty! Her name is Jovi (after the girl in Elf *NOT* after Bon Jovi). She’s been a bit nervous so we’ve been kind of stressed trying to acclimate her to us and the house and to Willow. I also have a job prospect that I should finally find out about definitively this week. More to come on that if I actually get it. The most important thing however…………


My insurance easily approved me and Minimed has finally worked with me and I am currently am in possession of a Minimed Continuous Glucose Monitor starter kit and 3 months of sesnsors! I’m so excited! It’s also killing me that I have to wait to put it on. My training meeting is on Wednesday (after Jovi’s first vet appointment).

Another exciting thing is I’ve actually started exercising for a change. My parents got us Wii Fit for Christmas and it has done WONDERS for my blood sugars! I’ve been going low a lot but once I’ve been checking frequently and haven’t been over 180 in days. Love it! Hopefully with the CGM I will be able to work out the basals for days I exercise to prevent the lows without spiking too high.

So that’s pretty much it for us. It’s been busy with family and holidays and what not. Hopefully now that things of calmed down, I will be able to blog a little more!

PS. One of our doctors just blogged about why they are leaving the state. And since my post on the subject was pretty popular I thought you all might be interested in it.


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