The day has finally come…

Today is finally the day! After years of anticipation and hope, I am FINALLY connected to a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System!!!

Waking up today was like Christmas morning. I could hardly contain my excitement! We had to take Jovi to the vet this morning which is probably good because it kept me from bouncing around the house all day. Turns out she has worms in her tummy. Poor little baby. I guess it’s not that unusual for a shelter cat to get worms. We just had to give her one dose of dewormer today and she’ll get another one tomorrow. Hopefully this will help her feel better so she can start becoming more comfortable in our house!

So once we got back I started frantically straightening up the house and trying to be busy to pass the time more quickly. Luckily my trainer, Michelle, called way earlier than I expected her to. She was only two minutes from our house! I did a little happy dance and gathered everything up on our kitchen table.

She started by having me turn off my the connection between my One Touch UltraLink Meter and my pump. Which I still don’t understand why they have it programmed the way it is. It forces you to manually enter all your blood sugars which is fairly irritating seeing as the pump doesn’t have number buttons. Buuuuut whatever. We got all the alarms set up. It was really helpful to have her input because I had completely different ideas of what numbers to set my alarms at than what they actually SHOULD be set at.

While we were doing this Michelle kept telling me how amazed she was that I already knew how to do everything. Apparently a lot of people don’t even look at the instructions before they meet with the trainer? And she was even worried that I might not have tried to charge the transmitter. I informed her that she definitely did not have to worry about any of that with me because I’ve been so anxious to get a CGM on that I kind of know everything there is to know about it without actually wearing one.

So, then we get to the only part I was a little nervous about. Insertion! I’ve always described the Sen-Serter insertion device as being just like the Sil-Serter device for the silhouette infusion set. This, in my head, made it seem like no big deal. But then I started thinking about how much I have bled in the past when I insert a silhouette. Needless to say I was a bit concerned. But again, it was great to have Michelle there to literally show me how to do it properly. She used the inserter on my skin to show me the best possible angles and the best possible sites. And eventually I pushed the button! I didn’t feel a thing! I do have a little bit of blood, but apparently that’s not a big deal.

Once you start a new sensor you have to wait 2 hours to actually get the thing working and to start getting numbers. So I said goodbye to Michelle and began another wait! I swear it was the longest 2 hours of my life! But eventually I checked with a fingerstick. 130. Awesome. So now I was officially getting continuous numbers!

Not long after that I started feeling weird. Like low weird. The pump said I was 84. I checked… 60. I thought “Hmm little off but not too bad” and treated the low and went about my business. About two hours later I felt low AGAIN but my pump said 82. I did a fingerstick… 46!!! Aaahh! The sensor screen didn’t even have arrows on it to tell me my BG was dropping or anything. So I got a little upset and was almost in tears thinking that my CGM wasn’t going to accurately tell me when I’m low. I was all sorts of depressed.

Luckily, thanks to my years of diabetes camp I have the advantage of having instant contact with other diabetics. So I sent a text message to Sara (She’s my best friend from camp. No really. We’ve been friends since we were like 11 and even lived together in college). She’s been on the CGM for awhile now and she told me not to worry that the first day is usually not as accurate! So I calmed down. A lot. Michelle also called to check on me and I explained the problem and she explained that the sensor can kind of get a rush of “other stuff” at the site of insertion because your body is trying to heal the little wound you just made. So after a little while it’ll be a little more accurate. So far since the low it has been pretty spot on within 10-20 mg/dl. Hurray!

All in all it’s been an exciting day, and I’m *SO* excited to see some results from this thing!!!!


5 Responses to The day has finally come…

  1. erin. says:

    Congratulations on getting all hooked up with your CGM! Sorry to hear about your cat but glad to hear she is in a loving home instead of a shelter. Good luck tomorrow with the CGM!

  2. Mom says:

    So happy for you;-) Hope it is everything you dreamed and hoped for these many years. Sending lots of love!

  3. Colleen says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words today. I really appreciate it!

  4. Anne says:

    You might want to try out the Orbit 90 Infusion sets. They rotate 360 degrees, and very comfortable to use.
    You can find out more on diabetes daily blog and other blog site.
    Good Luck in the future

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