So far… so… not quite what I expected.

Well, my first few days using CGM have been interesting to say the least. The first 3 days were a bit stressful. My numbers didn’t really seem to be anywhere near close. I kept going low. And the pump never showed it. It would trend down but only drop to the 80s when I was really almost 40. It did this for two days! I was a bit stressed but just kept going. I set my low alarm to go off at 90 instead of 80 which helped a lot. It actually woke me up to check in the middle of the night when I was low.

This weekend my parents came to visit us for my birthday! It was a lot of fun. But while we were out doing wine tastings I had to restart my sensor. I knew this ahead of time and was ready for it when it timed out. But for some reason it kept doing weird things when I tried to restart it. It kept asking me to enter BGs when I shouldn’t have had to. After several hours of it doing this I just decided to turn it off to keep it from totally ruining the day. When I got home I decided to just take out the sensor and start a new one to see how it goes. Once I did that it went back to working. In fact, it has been far more accurate now!

Tonight is another sensor restart night so I’m anxious to make sure it goes well. I think I’m making progress and slowly learning how to read it and how the numbers on the pump relate to the numbers on my meter.

Tomorrow is also my endo appointment. My last one with my doctor who is leaving. Should be interesting. I honestly don’t know how my A1C is going to be compared to my last one (which was 6.5). My meter reading my 7 day average as 133 (!) and my 30 average as 153. I’m hoping my A1C turns out more in the 133 range because that would put the A1C at about 6.2 which would tie for the lowest it has ever been!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


2 Responses to So far… so… not quite what I expected.

  1. Mom says:

    Good luck tomorrow! Hope it goes well!!!!!!! Seems like you are getting more comfortable with the CGM. Keep working on it!! Love ya!!!!

  2. Good luck with the CGM. Seems like everything is getting better for you. The more you use it the easier all the numbers come.

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