My last endo appointment

Today was my last endocrinologist appointment with my current doctor. It was definitely a bittersweet event.

My A1C wasn’t *quite* what I was hoping for but it certainly wasn’t bad! It was 6.7. We also discussed my weird after lunch/before dinner lows. We decided to change my lunch carb ratio from 1:10 to 1:12. This is literally the FIRST time my carb ratio has ever been changed since I started the pump 10 years ago. He also gave me two Bayer Contour meters to try out and to decide if  I want to switch to Bayer and use the USB meter. Which I think I probably will regardless.

We also decided on who my new endo will be. So I have to call there tomorrow and set up an appointment. Yaaaaay (please note the enormous amount of sarcasm in this statement).

My favorite part of the appointment, as always, was discussing new trends in research. I love it! He told me about his reservations in the Artificial Pancreas Project and also how he loves Dr. Faustman’s BCG study as well as another study of an oral medication that could be used and without any possible side effects that the BCG may or may not cause due to it restraining the immune system.

Speaking of new research, tomorrow I definitely want to blog about the JDRF announcement today. I would write about it now, but Modern Family is coming on. 🙂


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