Yeah, I know. I stink at this.

So… it has been a ridiculously long time since I’ve blogged. I know I promised I would blog about my kick-butt A1C and I definitely will soon. Things have been a little all over the place for me lately between Jeff’s recovery from back surgery, job interviews, fostering a new cat, one of my own cats being sick, something awesome happening that I’m hopefully going to announce next week, trying to figure out how to start school in the fall, and all kinds of other things.

However, the point of this particular post is to inform my readers that I will be blogging next week! I know, it’s kind of lame to blog about how I’m going to blog. My Twitter and DOC blogger friend Karen has come up with a great idea to hold a Diabetes Blog Week. What better way for me to get back into blogging regularly? So hopefully I will be able to cross off some items from my list of “blog ideas” that I’ve been meticulously keeping but not using.

I also hope you all check out lots of other D-blogs out there because there are so many fantastic ones out there!


One Response to Yeah, I know. I stink at this.

  1. Karen says:

    I’m soooo happy you’ll be joining in on Diabetes Blog
    Week and thank you so much for helping to get the word out! 🙂 When life gets crazy (like yours sounds now) it can be hard to make time to think of topics and write posts. I’m hoping Diabetes Blog Week will help us all get back into the swing of things – myself included!

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