I wish I could still get these

It happens to all of us. Your blood sugar is not really low but you are trying to get ready for bed and you are concerned about a possible low overnight. Maybe even hours later. It’s a tricky situation, and before the Temp Basal was invented, there wasn’t a whole lot you could do to ensure your BG stayed at a non-dangerous low level.

Back in the 90s a fantastic product type of product was invented! There were several different brands of these type of bars but the whole idea was that they contained uncooked cornstarch (UCS) that would slow down the release of the carbohydrates in the bar over about 8 hours. Here’s an old article about how they work and all the different kinds.

The BEST kind of UCS bars that existed were called Nite Bites and they were made by ICN Pharmaceuticals. They came in three flavors: banana, peanut butter, and “tasty chocolate.” Actually, I think they called all their flavors “tasty.” But seriously, the chocolate ones were really tasty.

Since the rise of insulin pumps, there really isn’t much of a need for these things anymore. However, I used to love when I got them as a kid! And I really wish I could still get them. In fact, back when I first started the pump, my CDE told me how to bolus for them so I could still eat them if I wanted. Jeff has even scoured the internet trying to find them for me but hasn’t been able to track any down.

What’s the point of the post? I’m not really sure. I guess just to point out that there used to be a solution to overnight hypoglycemia that was much tastier than a temp basal.


One Response to I wish I could still get these

  1. Steve says:

    I’m not sure if this helps, but there is an alternative (and from what I read, this product is actually clinically tested):


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