My support team


The Diabetes Blog Week topic of the day is about who is the biggest support to you. The trouble is, I don’t have just one person! I have a whole family. My parents are the ones who keep me going and make my life just a little bit easier when it comes to diabetes.

My parents have literally been there for me since day one. I was only three years old when I was diagnosed so they were the ones who were taught everything there is to know. They are the ones who pricked my tiny fingers and gave me my shots and managed my food exchanges. My mom and dad also instilled me what I like to call the “look the other way” mentality. When we’d go to a restaurant or we were out in public, my parents told me not to hide my finger pricks or my shots. They said if someone has a problem, they can look the other way! I really think this had a huge positive impact on my self esteem when it comes to diabetes. My parents have always been positive about diabetes. It was never been about scary complications. It was never about “bad” blood sugars. It was just about doing whatever possible to stay healthy and live life to its fullest. It was about not letting diabetes tell me what I can or can’t do. Their positive attitude with me and diabetes has totally shaped my view of it, and has made me the healthy, complication-free diabetic I am today.

As I’ve grown up, the responsibility for my diabetes gradually passed on to me. By the time I went away to college I was in full control of my diabetes management entirely. Which is probably my control went a little haywire. My A1C creeped up to the highest it had ever been (although not as high as a lot of other people I know with diabetes), and I wasn’t paying as close attention as I should.

Of course I also have to give honorable mentions to my HDYC family and the Diabetes Online Community for being there when I need someone who “just gets it” or I have an crazy question about something diabetes related. You all rock and have been a huge help to me.


4 Responses to My support team

  1. George says:

    I Love the Look the Other Way thing. So many people feel we need to hide when trying to manage, it is other people that should just look the other way.

    Love it!

    • cgstrauch says:

      Thanks George! It totally has been my philosophy for life with diabetes since I was a kid. I like to pass on the advice to other PWDs too! There’s no reason to hide it!

  2. Mom says:

    Our philosophy has always been you are a child/teenager/young woman first! Pass on your postive outlook to diabetes to the campers you work with;-)Share your LTOW philosophy when you can – sure sign we raised you right. You will always be our daughter who has diabetes not our diabetic daughter.
    Love always!

  3. Lorraine says:

    Aw, I love your parents and what they instilled in you and this Jeff guy definitely sounds like a keeper! Love it!

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