UVA Endos Speech

First off, I love my new diabetes educator. She is awesome. She loves my outlook on diabetes and totally agrees with it. Despite not being diabetic or having a kid with diabetes, she seems to understand a lot about daily life and frustrations of dealing with it every second of the day. She also understands, however, that she doesn’t know it all. And that most doctors sure as HECK don’t understand it. So…

She has asked me to speak at a luncheon for the endocrinology fellows at the University of Virginia (where I am currently a patient). I’m very excited… but very nervous. I’m not the most comfortable at public speaking. Although, most of the major speeches I’ve given in my life were about diabetes, and I feel pretty darn comfortable talking about it. But this…. this is different. I will speaking in front of my own doctor as well as the doctors who are working with me on the study I’m in (more on that once I’m finished with it). And all of the other endocrinologists at UVA which has a very prestigious and well established program.

My speech is going to be titled, “A Patient Perspective on CGMS and Insulin Pump Therapy.” So I think I will basically tell my story from the beginning. I guess they’re mostly used to hearing complaints about CGMS so my CDE wanted me to talk about my positive experiences with it. I also want to talk a bit more broadly about why I’ve been soon successful in diabetes in general. I want to tell them that the best way to live with diabetes is to live with a positive outlook. I want to tell them they shouldn’t scold patients or blame them for bad numbers.

I want to make this speech… not boring. And I want it to be effective. And informative. They’re giving me an entire hour to speak too! So I want it to be long enough. Ha!

I guess what I’m saying is… does anyone have anything they think should be included in such a presentation? I want to make sure I cover all the bases and get the whole message across! Oh and my speech is October 19th. So I have awhile to figure out my presentation.


5 Responses to UVA Endos Speech

  1. Claire says:

    I’m a total stalker lurker, but I didn’t realize you also live in Cville until this post! Who’s your new educator? I ask because I’ve been seeing Kim Morris and I love her to a point that would probably make her uncomfortable if I tried to actually express it to her in words…

    Anyway, while I’ve found the endo clinic at UVA to be quite good, I’ve much preferred working with my CDE to working with the endos in general. I get the sense that they see a lot more T2s than T1s, and so in general they’re pretty hands-off, beyond doing/examining the bloodwork and writing prescriptions. The best thing my endo fellow ever did was peer pressure me into the diabetes education program, actually…

    • cgstrauch says:

      Hey Claire!! I’m so excited to find another C-ville diabetic! You will have to come to our meet up group that we just started (blog post pending).

      I see Shirley Fleishman for my CDE. She is fabulous! I’ve heard good things about Kim too! My endo is spectacular as wells. She’s very positive and helpful. She also suggested I go to a CDE to help me work out all the little details. It’s be a great experience.

      Are you on Facebook? I will try to find you and send you a request to our support group page. 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    That sounds like an interesting talk. I think there is a real WOW factor at the beginning. The wow I can see what they are doing to the wow, they really do fluctuate just like I thought. And all of the other little details that you suspected were a help or a hindrance, and you can really see that you were right.
    Good luck with it. Enjoy yourself and know that you are doing something very helpful.

  3. I’m sure that you did awesome, and probably even managed to ENJOY it, right?

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