That awkward moment when…

September 26, 2012

It’s a popular phrase on the internet these days. I feel like it pops into my head with dealing with diabetes. 

Yesterday I had one of those moments. And man, it really sucked. It’s Restaurant Week in the nearby town of Hershey. My boyfriend (Michael) and I decided to take advantage of the 3 course meal specials and hit up the place that is normally THE most expensive restaurant in the area… the Circular Dining Room at the Hotel Hershey. It was great! I had a birthday cake martini! Then we chose a yummy local wine and ordered our food. They brought us a selection of bread (complete with CHOCOLATE bread – AKA a brownie – and CHOCOLATE butter), and I actually ate it. Normally I think the bread is just extra carbs. But this stuff was GOOD! I had a fresh, tasty Cobb salad with some incredible guacamole. Then out came my chicken and dumplings with wild mushrooms. So yummy. 

But that’s where the trouble started. All of a sudden this delicious food seemed incredibly unappetizing. The room seemed to increase in temperature at a drastic pace. My heart was racing. I knew what this was. I whipped out my meter… 507. Son of a…. I ran to the bathroom and took an injection. I pulled out my site (which I had just put in before we left the house) and a nice big drop of blood formed. SIgh.

And this is where it gets awkward. We were in a really upscale, classy place. The food was fantastic. I hadn’t even finished my entree, and I knew I had a fantastic dessert on its way (I ordered the chocolate cheesecake). The trouble was… I didn’t know what to do. Could I ask for a box? Is that acceptable a place like this? Should I sit and wait out this feeling? I probably shouldn’t eat the cheesecake even if I feel better right? I felt so… awkward. And it made me angry. Angry at my diabetes for putting me in this awkward situation. I HATE when this kind of crap happens. 

Luckily, our server was very observant. Apparently he could tell I wasn’t feeling so great. He came over and asked if I was finished. I reluctantly said yes, and he brought me a box. Yes! And my boyfriend asked if it was possible to get a box for our desserts too. He said ABSOLUTELY! He even offered to get a cork for our wine, but it was almost finished and I knew it wouldn’t really mess up my blood sugar to finish it. He told us that a lot of people won’t take to go boxes home, but he thinks it’s silly. I told him I want to eat it but I couldn’t at the moment, and he said he was very glad to help us and that he’d rather the yummy food not go to waste. 

So… all in all, it ended up ok. It’s just so hard to forgive diabetes for putting me in situations like this.